The first and best private digital marketplace for non-fungible tokens(NFTs).
Create, sell, buy and explore accessible and exclusive digital assets.
Established by partners who saw that the NFT space has been overcrowded, decided to partner with ParadigmTM (an investment platform which backs innovative crypto/web3 companies and protocols) to give elite artist, investors, and collectors a private space where their works are sure to be explored and traded.

Drive Equity is the first-ever private, soon-to-be premium NFT marketplace. For this project, most of the technical experts have been recruited from the metaverse to give elite users around the world irrespective of age, a safe platform to put out their works. Also, Drive Equity would like to serve as home, connecting investors, artist and collectors, and giving everyone a chance to reach their full potential, with flexible, long-term, multi-stage and global network.

Meet The Team

Peter Icahn

CEO & Co-Founder


Peter is an entrepreneur, active in tech and the metaverse. He serves as an investor, trader, board member, and advisor to several technoogy and fintech startups.

Fred Grimsted

CTO & Co-Founder


Also a co-head at Decentraland, Fred's work touches web decentralized app development, cryptocurrencies, 3D art, decentralized server applications and networks like immersive VR.

Lucia Reyes

Smart Contract Guru


Lucia has vast experience as a blockchain and NFT consultant over the past 8 years. She is a pioneer in unique marketing techniques primarily targeting millennials.

Stefan Riesenfeld

Art/Marketing Director


Often cited in press, Stefan has co-founded and sourced capital for a number of businesses in the Blockchain space, including Blockchain Capital, Coinbase and LUND.

Fringe Benefits of Drive Equity


All contracts are registered within blockchain and are 100% safe. Drive Equity guarantees the security for all users.

Only real art

All users are subject to quality check, which benefits all buyers seeking artwork verification before purchase.


ArtWorks that are published for the first time on our platform are guaranteed to be unique and are proved to be provided by their author and would generate sales.


All users of the platform conduct payments through the internal wallet which can be topped up using other crypto wallets and all available conversion platforms as we encourage diversity into other forms off cryptocurrencies as well.


The buyers and artists don’t have to provide his/her personal data and has the right to stay anonymous when performing purchases (although our artists are advised to have an open identity as to make it easy for people to locate them and their works).

Unique options for Investments

Our platform provides investors with instruments for necessary analysis based on artificial intelligence and reviews from blockchain and art consultants. Previous sale value cannot be viewed on item although you could make inquiries if you are in need of specific tools for analysis.

Community Development| Collaborations

In the means to promote young and promising artists as well as new artists in the NFT space we give them an international stage to put their showcase their works on the platform and with our open collaborations each artists stands a chance of being showcased on our Equity featured list depending on our art curators.


Drive Equity brings together the concept of a traditional marketplace and a virtual gallery which would be open to all our users soon, Regardless Drive Equity has input a membership ranks ranging from;
Beginner level: Given after an artist/collector has just made their first purchase/mint or list at Drive Equity.
Vereran level: An artist/collector with more than 20 mints or has bought/flipped up to 25 NFTs.
Expert level: An artist/collector who has minted up to 50 NFTs.
Admin level: Artist/Collectors with insane activity of 100 minted NFTs.
These show to everyone how long you have been a member and makes it easy to distinguish new users from active users.


The platform with the aim to create membership utility, we have introduce a private but open space. To participate, register to create an account. After that, an internal platform ethereum wallet will be automatically generated, with this internal wallet you can deposit and withdraw funds in and out to other crypto wallets or exchange platforms. After opening your personal account it is possible to connect to your MetaMask, Trust or any other wallet from any chain as we have an ethereum based NFT minting service but enable listing and sales on other chains on the blockchain network. When you have gained access you have a chance to own a verified Drive Equity account if when your arts and personal information are verified, however you have the right to maintain complete anonymity.

Due to the fact that we hope to maintain the idea that creativity and art in general is open to everyone we have made minting open for every member although verification of work ownership would be required, Creation of NFTs is currently accessible with the aim to make Drive Equity an easy to use platform, just choose to mint and fill in the forms to the specifications on how you want to mint your NFTs once NFTs are minted there’s no longer a need to list as each works are automatically listed on our explore.

All deposits and withdrawal functions are done with 3rd party exchange service or crypto wallet we advise use of Moon pay or Gemini to buy your cryptocoins.

With the aim to build a decentralized community, we have given each user ranks depending on what value they portray to the community and their activity on Drive Equity, These ranks don’t differentiate any user from each other as we all are Equity elite although the ranks give you access to place auctions on certain days and shows how much activity you have in the community.


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